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Game Change Log - Fields of Glory Online

version 0.25 ( Falcon engine ) at 15 November 2008
  • New Level-AI engine, that support stage bots
  • Stage bots work as stages, and update your level.
    in addition also new bots type, training bots.
  • New unit "uvDevostator", this is very powerfull level 4 turret for Landraiders.
version 0.24 ( Falcon engine ) at 25 October 2008
  • New game engine: Falcon.
  • more speed against users, bot's and tutorial
    more stable connection, and correct after battle messaging
    new Observation Mode, realtime mode, and watch battle always from begining
  • New game design: lobby, channel, loading
  • New movement options, for Dominators and Landraider
  • New CPU and Net test, much more aviability for low bandwidth users.
  • New user list status, for CPU and Network, to allow others and you see your connection
version 0.23 at 11 September 2008
  • update: new design for registration form
  • update: new design for registration email
  • update: rotation of messages, max 100 in inbox
  • added: Reset driver levels button
  • added: Game Action Points system
  • added: User Personal Link system
  • update: New and much faster way of units pre load before battle.
  • update: New and much faster way of maps pre load before battle.
  • bug fix: allot of bugs fixed.
version 0.22 at 10 August 2008
  • added: new server added
  • added: new security add ons, that disable double game login
  • added: new artillery platform added
  • update: more drivers bonus balance
  • update: more accurate unit repair prices
  • update: AI now much more smarter and faster
  • update: AI will random switch maps
version 0.21 at 2 June 2008
  • added: alliance wars
  • added: new map "high voltage area"
  • added: send message to alliance
  • update: disable focus from accept challenge
  • update: channel icons
  • update: right mouse button, drag unit in hangar
  • update: chat anti flood
  • update: send message to alliance in chat
  • update: add more log messages for alliances
  • update: new AI engine for bots, take less CPU and more intelligent
  • added: minimum time to surrender 60 sec
  • added: new channel type "tutorial"
  • added: turret repair cost, now it's platform + turret
  • security: defence against XSS attack in messages
  • security: defence against ASM attack
  • security: only 1 session allowed from computer
  • bug fix: messages list visualization
  • bug fix: win lost list in channel
  • bug fix: many alliance bug fixes
  • bug fix: reaction unit bonus bug
version 0.20 at 4 May 2008
  • added: new level 3 turret, Terrahulk Crossbow Cannon
  • added: create, modify and manage Alliances
  • update: change chat queue to async
  • bug fix: IA channel give 2 glory, changed to 1 always
  • bug fix: two upgrades of the same type
version 0.19 at 13 April 2008
  • added: Instant Action channel type
  • added: Channel admins with ability to ban users
  • bug fix: User in lobby can disconnect all others
  • bug fix: Fame go down when respect added
  • added: friendly kill users for version update
  • update: channels, add hidden and disable with message
  • update: Optimize chat, and add more functionality to it
  • added: user was added to friends list, message.
  • added: report channel id at battle in log.
  • bug fix: fame fixed
  • bug fix: Database connections limit and timeout
version 0.18 at 5 Mar 2008
  • added: Multi language support
  • added: Instant Action login (guest)
  • added: Russian Language
  • added: Hebrew Language
  • added: new level 3 unit: eXtreme Assault Tank Platform (eATP)
  • added: new level 3 upgrade: Tertiary Explosives Ammunition
  • added: new level 2 upgrade: High Explosives Ammunition
  • update: channel maximum users limitation
  • update: tutorial stop increase glory after 3
  • bug fix: *final fix for users list disappeared
  • bug fix: in April HTML emails
  • bug fix: money transfer check, to avoid minus
  • bug fix: in registration, register button grey
  • bug fix: white screen on login with blank user and password
  • bug fix: dynamic fire image resolution in OM
  • bug fix: gather money and exp from destroyed units
  • added: automatic multi language system message on money transfer
  • update: limit level 1 users from sending money
  • update: limit level 1 users from battle on money
  • update: left to right support - information panel
  • update: Multi language welcome game message
  • update: Recreate your level per glory table
  • update: Recreate pilot level per experience table
  • update: balance of pilot experience after battle
  • update: money added after battle
  • update: glory will be added only when fight against your level or above
version 0.17 at 22 Feb 2008
  • added: game lobby
  • added: static channels
  • added: dynamic lobby information panel
  • update: database indexes optimization
  • update: dynamic channel information panel
  • update: user can delete his account in personal info. window
  • update: add game options button in lobby and channels
  • update: all automatic mailing changed to HTML Base64
  • bug fix: users list disappeared
  • update: AI database optimization
version 0.16 at 9 Feb 2008
  • Game engine was rewrite to use IPC
  • now support much more games simultaneously
  • more game speed at slow latency internet connection
  • experience income system, now it depends on opponent strength.
  • new money balance, now battle income depends on strength of the opponent.
  • all repair and purchase prices have been changed,
  • to support new money balance system
  • added: all maps have been replaced by new ones
  • update: all units have been recreated with more contrasts, and shadow effects.
  • added: level 3 unit (Dominator), Groundrazor Mach and Groundrazor Centcore
  • added: level 2 defence upgrade, Heavy Titanium Armor
version 0.15 at 20 Jan 2008
  • added: new fire radius opacity change sfx on mouse over
  • added: new pre loading mechanism for observation mode
  • added: information panel in lobby
  • update: experience and income after battle, now depends also on strength of the opponent
  • update: now upgrades stay after vehicle destroyed
  • update: prices for the upgrades changed
  • update: message to chat user, when private chat user quit chat
version 0.14 at 17 Jan 2008
  • added: third level of tutorial in survival guide
  • added: loading bar to battle pre loading
  • update: battle pre loading mechanism
  • bug fix: money calculations when set money challenge
version 0.13 at 15 Jan 2008
  • added: new objectives button in battle, for objectives
  • added: second level of tutorial in survival guide
  • update: tutorials usability: disable summery, and auto show objectives
  • update: re render tutorials maps, with new anitializing, improve top and bottom layers visibility
  • update: re render Assault Tank with new anitializing
  • security update: defence against XSS attacks
  • bug fix: internal files links and numbering
  • bug fix: display changed info in options
version 0.12 at 7 Jan 2008
  • added: first level of tutorial in survival guide
  • update: survival guide interface
  • update: platform move special effects
  • update: dimortar turret special effects
  • update: landraiders changed to be smaller in size
  • update: make size of platform dynamic in db, turret use same parameter
  • update: disable in battle chat when play with AI
  • security update: defence against "Cross Site Scripting"
  • security update: defence against "SQL injection"
  • bug fix: favor points for respect
version 0.11 at 18 Dec 2007
  • added: your and users information window
  • added: friends list (add, remove friends)
  • added: offline messages to friends
  • added: own respect points by win other players (not AI)
  • added: send respect to other players
  • added: transfer money to other players
  • added: (real glory) added by winning other players only
  • added: forbit access for slow computers (CPU: 1Ghz)
  • update: network limitation set to -
  • update: added notification to loading game screen
  • update: limit characters per line in chat message
  • update: enable text select in login and change info window
  • update: remove play with AI level dependency
  • bug fix: personal chat message become public when user enter battle or OM
  • bug fix: make easy money by fire and surrender, info alt added.
version 0.10 at 7 Dec 2007
  • added: shop message when buy two upgrades of the same type
  • added: third level AI (Raiden)
  • added: new assault tank turret level 2: Ragestorm eXtreme (RAT-X2)
  • added: new navigation upgrade: Terrasys Navigation TSN-1
  • added: new navigation upgrade: Terrasys eXtreme Navigation TXN-1
  • added: buy units and upgrades by their tech level
  • update: sell discount changed from 33% to 20%
  • update: names of most turrets and platform
  • update: reaction level bonus changed from 5ms to 6ms
  • bug fix: money sum incorrect when changing bet
  • bug fix: incorrect explosion radius in OM
  • bug fix: killer sometimes did not kill disconnected user in battle
  • bug fix: fix game log, count logged users without AI
version 0.09 at 15 Nov 2007
  • added: display driver name and levels in the selected vehicle in the battle
  • added: Help Guide (Niva and Ditron assistants)
  • added: two first level AI (Kleio and Perseus)
  • added: one second level AI (Dylan)
  • added: battle loading buttons image
  • update: enter OM or Battle when in challenge mode, then challenge mode auto canceled
  • update: all units technical information changed
  • update: unit defense function (more fire power do more damage)
  • update: user name case insensitive
  • update: improve security for dynamic servers
  • bug fix: messages button blink with empty in-box, on some IE7 ver in full screen
  • bug fix: destroyed vehicle, still operational on half hp
  • bug fix: send empty messages
  • bug fix: exit battle when opponent have browser errors
  • bug fix: glory list alignment in front of user names
version 0.08 at 1 Nov 2007
  • added: master process with proc management, and new init script
  • added: upgrades
  • added: Light Titanium Armor upgrade
  • update: ajax speed optimization (10% more speed)
  • update: improved network response time test
  • update: new defence value representation from 1 to 100
  • update: changed defence and hp values in vehicles (same balance)
  • update: changed driver repairing exp. bonus for hp, from +5 to +10
version 0.07 at 8 Oct 2007
  • added: channels added and hidden for now
  • added: to log remote IP and country identification
  • added: in login test, response time information added to the log
  • added: blink text notifications for chat private messages and new messages
  • added: before battle preload of png images
  • added: new simple navigation control system (now default)
  • added: selection in game options for simple and professional navigation controls
  • added: battle maps with 2 layers
  • added: battle map selection window
  • added: increase Armored Landraider price from 1000$ to 1500$
  • added: new driver experience, repairing
  • added: set repairing exp to add +5 hp and +0.5% to auto-repair
  • update: join indirect and direct driver accuracy experience in to accuracy
  • update: regeneration changed to auto-repair
  • update: lobby response time changed from 2 to 1 sec
  • update: new user level upgrade icon
  • update: game directory, split into two: game and engine, for security
  • bug fix: disable text selection in options and personal information window
  • bug fix: lobby, OM and battle top menu layout
  • bug fix: wait for fire command, before next command (6 cycle wait, in referee)
version 0.06 at 1 Oct 2007
  • update: vehicle repair prices
  • Landraider - 2$, Heavy Armored Mobile Platform - 7$,
  • Assault Tank Platform - 5$, Armored Landraider - 50$
  • update: in battle new images with alpha channel for unit select and commands
  • update: new lobby and logo design
  • update: new log messages for user information change
  • update: pilots reaction speed bonus for weapon reloading, from -2 to -5 sec
  • update: spitfire turret reload time, from 20 to 30
  • update: battle time limit increased from 5 to 12 min
  • added: in battle dynamic movement path
  • added: image size number in db changed (x/2) to speedup battle engine
  • added: variable size of shooting png images
  • added: log message for incorrect password
  • added: log message when user enter and exit OM
  • added: scroll bar design in chat, messages, and lobby
  • bug fix: numeric characters in drivers names
  • bug fix: scroll bar in long message, in the game messages system
  • bug fix: path to log file was incorrect in killer
version 0.05 at 23 Sep 2007
  • update: new images for turrets in lobby
  • added: check java script speed before battle, for fps optimization delay
  • added: display cpu (java script) speed, in battle
  • added: improved observation mode lost/win/surrender messages
  • added: battle time limit counter, which end battle with decision who win
  • added: in battle game speed bar (1 line = 2 fps)
  • added: number of units ready for battle, info in lobby
  • bug fix: location of map file in referee
  • bug fix: display characters + & in chat
  • bug fix: reorganize battle layout with correct alignment and information
  • bug fix: when someone surrender, different win message to opponent
  • bug fix: in battle user glory Rookie icon alignment
  • bug fix: in battle/observation IE image resize tool bar, disabled
  • bug fix: alignment of messages and change info window in full screen
  • bug fix: fire range pilot bonus didn't increased in the battle
version 0.04 at 18 Sep 2007
  • update: pilots fire accuracy experience bonuses
  • bonus to direct and indirect far range changed from 5 to 7
  • bonus to indirect fire power changed from 2 to 5
  • added: project divided into 3 parts: web, game, admin
  • added: personal messaging system
  • added: display in battle game speed in fps
  • added: end battle statistics
  • added: new repair/sell images
  • added: battle engine update with more speed and stability
  • security: direct game access blocked, now from web site only
  • bug fix: simultaneous multiple commands fixed
  • bug fix: final explosion visibility
  • bug fix: in-battle chat un-focus when fire
  • bug fix: explosions border visibility (fix alpha channel)
  • bug fix: sending message from lobby to user in battle - disabled
  • bug fix: changed pilot name displayed incorrect after battle
  • bug fix: no sound in IE7 at Observation Mode
  • bug fix: in O.M. hide lives and reload bar on killed units
  • bug fix: when swith to chat, focus on text input box
version 0.03
  • added: in-battle players names with their level icons