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Quick guide for multiplayer strategy game "Field of Glory Online"

There is nothing better than just to test yourself in the training battles.

For this purpose enter into "Tutorial" option in upper menu and select one of the training battles.

After battle is loaded, you should carry out the simple task, to destroy all targets and vehicles of the opponent.

Choose one of your battle vehicles with the left button of a mouse, and then give drive command by creating navigation point anywhere on the map with left mouse button.

  tank battles online    online tank battles

Pay attention that your vehicles cannot go round an obstacle. If it has got stuck, cancel a drive command, by pressing on it with the left button of the mouse,

  war tank battles

and draw new path with navigation points to go around of obstacles.

  real time strategy battles

When you will be on a shot distance (when the target will be in a red circle of your battle vehicle) give a fire command with the right mouse button.

  strategy war battles

After you passed training battles you have gained experience for real battles.
Now you should equip your army.
Enter into the basic channel of the game and upgrade your five battle units, it is not necessary but will help to win a battles against opponents.
All units consist of a tower, a platform and technological upgrades (the last are optional). Each battle unit possesses unique properties necessary in war. Some of them fast, others armored, the third possess powerful long firing abilities etc.

After purchase of battle units and technological upgrades to them, it is necessary for you to assign drivers to them, for this purpose press a gray rectangle "no driver" under the bought vehicle and choose one of five your pilots. Now you are ready for battle.

  online war games

Good start is to play with a level 1 bot (Duo, Triton). In order to do it, near to his name in the list of players press the green button, in the opened window press "accept".

  free war games online

Observation Mode, you can watch other player battles and learn.
When someone is in the battle, near to his name there is a red button "in battle", press it with the left button of a mouse and in the opened window press "to observe fight" button. The exit from the "Observation Mode" will occur automatically when the battle ends or if you press the button "leave observation mode" in the top left corner of the window.

Have a nice gameplay.
Good Luck.