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הראשון במשחקי דפדפן ישראלים - משחקי רשת ומשחק דפדפן

Online Game Support - Fields of Glory Online

Game support all versions of Internet Explorer, and other browsers based on IE (i.e. Avant, Maxthon).

Online game also work under Firefox browser with IE plagin that can be easily installed.

Game Requirements
Browser: Internet Explorer only
Resolution: 1024x768 minimum,
CPU: 1Ghz minimum, recommended 3Ghz
No flash, No Active X, or any other plagins required.
For better playing experience,
please close any p2p programs
i.e. torrent, emule, internet radio, streaming video,
for fastest as possible network response time.
During game loading time,
your connection speed will be checked,
and displayed in the upper right corner.
Poor connection may cause slow game speed.
Please, report found bugs in game forum,
topic: Bug Reporting.